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중부내륙순환열차(O-train) 백두대간협곡열차(V-train) [코레일관광개발 기차여행]

▣다람쥐열차 : 중부내륙순환열차(O-train)
- 중부내륙 두메산골을 일깨우며 차창 밖으로 펼쳐지는 수채화 같은 절경을 담은 매력적인 관광열차

▣백호열차 : 백두대간협곡열차(V-train)
- 열차가 아니면 갈 수 없는 그곳! 하늘도 세 평, 땅도 세 평인 백두대간 협곡구간을 달리는 국내 최초 개방형 관광열차

관광열차타고 대한민국 구석구석을 누벼보세요!

▣ 관광열차 자세히보기

▣ 관광열차 패키지 여행보기

Arosalinie Speed Run. Sort of. Train Sim World 2

The best adventures occur when you set off without a plan. Yes, I've got completely gone off the reservation here and have set off without any coherent scheme or notion. Wild times. Alternatively, this could be described as "business as usual" in Train Sim World.

Bias disclaimer: I work for the company that make this game and am therefore biased. You need more information than that? Okay, sure, I'll spell it out for you - because I get paid by the people who make this game, when I tell you to buy it you should pull a suspicious face while buying it. That's the important bit: the suspicious face.

Okay? Good then.

Once in a while I post something of value in here.

No, that isn't true except for in the super-secret secret message section right at the very end of the description. To get to that point you'll have to scroll past a big lump of links and nonsense all of which will enrich your life... if you let them.

How would you like to seize control of the bombastic outro? As a performing video monkey I'm now offering you the opportunity to do just that. Within reason. Obviously, I won't tell you where the line of "within reason" resides, but you can try it and find out. Swing by my Wisio and I'll see what I can do : https://www.wisio.com/Colonel_Failure

Right, this is how you can get the very best out of this channel, and lend a significant chunk of help toward its future success. If you have $1 per month you can gain access to exclusive videos, the magical Discord channel, and consider yourself a member of Fail Brigade:
Option 1 (several different tiers available): Patreon - http://patreon.com/colonelfailure
Option 2 (one size-fits all): YouTube - https://www.youtube.com/colonelfailure/join

All new merchandise everybody! That's what you want. Forget paying the rent! Buy a tshirt instead : http://colonelfailure.com

Do you want to follow a Twitter account that is actually cheerful? Not in the kind of way that offers life-affirming, inspirational text with a waterfall in the background, but in a jolly, acerbic kind of way? Follow me on Twitter. That's what I do. http://twitter.com/cnlfailure

Do you want to know what videos are coming up each week? A few people do. I don't always get around to publishing the schedule, but when I do, I do it on Facebook. Not sure why I chose Facebook, but there you are. http://facebook.com/cnlfailure

That's all for now. You can go about your business.

(*) - Today's secret: This worked out rather nicely. As much as I haphazard my way through most things, I usually have a broad notion of what I'm going to do. Not so in this one. Entirely organic. Yeah, let's not do that again.

갬성 돋는 열차 관광해볼까? '백두대간 협곡열차! (v-트레인)'

백두대간 협곡열차는 분천역에서 철암역까지 멋진 풍경이 있는 구간을 관광하기 위한 열차입니다.

몇년전부터 계속 가고 싶었는데 이제야 가보네요.

사실, 이쪽 라인은 어렸을때 부터 기차타면서 많이 봤는 구간이라 좋다는건 알고 있었고 오랜만에 관광열차를 타면서 새롭게 보고 싶었어요.
저한텐 추억이 많은 라인이거든요.ㅎㅎ

짧아서 좀 아쉬웠지만 좋긴 좋더라구요.

다음엔 트레킹을 같이 해봐야겠어요.

*열차 운행일은 확인 꼭 해보세요.

전이랑 달리 조금씩 바뀌는거 같더군요.

**그리고 내일로 여행 다니는 사람들도 (추가금이 들겠지만) 이 구간을 살려서 여행다니는 것도 좋을거라 생각합니다.




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